Norton Seal - Frequently Asked Questions

What do Internet users see?

The Norton Seal is available in 3 different sizes: small (100x72px), medium (115x82px) and large (130x88px). You can chose between two formatsl: static (.gif) or dynamic (flash animation). The seal is available in 12 languages.

What is "malware"?

"Malware" is a word used to designate virus, trojans, keyloggers, etc. All these programs clearly aim at damaging your computer or stealing sensible data.

Why would my website have malware?

Every website can be the victim of attacks. Indeed, hackers use exploits to benefit from the vulnerability of some websites and can easily modify your code. The modified code isn't immediately visible and it can be difficult to detect it. Norton will warn you immediately if a webpage has malware and will help you to remove it.

What will happen with the Trust Seal if a I have a malware?

As long as a malware is in the code of one of your webpages, the Trust Seal will not display. Norton will send you an e-mail to warn you of the infection. In the Norotn® Trust™ Center, you will have access to a list of infected webpages. You will then just have to remove the identified lines of code added by the hacker and to secure the vulnerability of your website. Remember though, if malware is present on your website, and you don't remove it promptly, you will be blacklisted by search engines.

What is a "blacklist"?

Malware can be really dangerous for Internet users. Therefore, Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines make a list of websites containing malware. These websites are excluded from search results. Moreover, anti-virus and anti-malware software block access to infected websites.

How can I know if a website has the Trust Seal and not only an image of the Norton logo?

The Norton Seal is linked to a webpage hosted on DigiCert's website which displays information regarding the company and the results of the anti-malware scan. This link will not work and the Seal-in-Search and Scan Anti-Malware features won't be activated.

How can I see the Trust Seal in search engines results?

The Norton Seal can be visible with some browsers with a plugin. DigiCert recommends installing the AVG Link Scanner.

Where should I put the Norton Seal on my website?

It is recommended you display the Norton Seal on your home page (near the top of your homepage where visitors will see it without scrolling), next to action buttons (where customers submit or enter information online), on shopping and checkout pages and on any page on your website where customers need assurance.

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