SSL247 Penetration Test Experts at the Ph0wn IoT Conference

On Friday, December 14, the SSL247 Lab team, our expert and CREST Registered Testers (CRTs), will be travelling to Sophia Antipolis in the south of France to participate in quite a unique event.

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Comodo CA is now Sectigo

Comodo CA has decided to re-establish their brand and forge a new identity as Sectigo.

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DigiCert EMEA Champion-prijs 2018 voor SSL247®

Tijdens de DigiCert Partner Roundtable voor 2018, het exclusieve evenement voor de toppartners van DigiCert, heeft SSL247® voor de derde keer de EMEA Champion-prijs gekregen.

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Explanation of the new attack on WPA/WPA2 networks

While last weekend was not particularly busy in terms of Infosec news, one thing that stood out was the identification and implementation of a new WPA attack.
The purpose of this blog article is to help you identify how your wireless infrastructure (personal or business) is affected by explaining the differences between existing attacks and this new attack.

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Important Changes to Domain Ownership Validation for all Certification Authorities

Beginning August 1, 2018, all Certification Authorities (CAs) will be required to modify domain ownership validation methods in order to comply with Ballot 218 and baseline requirements of the CA/Browser Forum (CA/B Forum).

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Are all your websites and subdomains SSL-ready for Chrome 68 in July 2018?

Google is taking the next step in keeping Chrome users safe by marking all HTTP pages as not secure from the release of Chrome 68 in July 2018.
Are you SSL-ready or will your potential and existing customers be told that your website is not secure?

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OCSP, Symantec, server, MPKI, DigiCert

DigiCert recently announced that they are updating the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) infrastructure for Symantec MPKI 8.

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Webinar – The Fundamentals of Social Engineering

During a webinar that took place last week, Loïc Castel, the head of our Penetration Testing unit, explained the fundamentals of social engineering.

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Christmas Party sponsored by Comodo

A big thank you to Comodo for sponsoring our Christmas Party at the Gunmakers located in the heart of London, Clerkenwell.

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SSL247® is uitgeroepen tot EMEA Symantec Champion 2017

Tijdens de Symantec Platinum Partner Roundtable van dit jaar, een jaarlijks evenement voor de grootste Symantec-partners in de EMEA-regio, is SSL247® wederom uitgeroepen tot EMEA Symantec Champion.

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SSL247®’s new office in the heart of London

SSl247® are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Farringdon!

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CAA-verificatie verplicht vanaf september 2017

Met ingang van 8 september 2017 zijn alle certificeringsinstanties (CA’s) verplicht een CAA-verificatie (Certificate Authority Authorisation) uit te voeren.

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Chrome verlengt deadlines terwijl DigiCert werkt aan overname van Symantec webbeveiliging

Google heeft de deadlines voor het niet langer vertrouwen van SSL-certificaten van Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte en RapidSSL verlengd, nadat DigiCert plannen heeft bekendgemaakt voor het overnemen van de webbeveiliging en de PKI-oplossingen van Symantec.

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Voorstel van Google over SSL-certificaten die vóór 1 juni 2016 zijn uitgegeven door Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte of RapidSSL.

Google heeft een voorstel ingediend dat inhoudt dat de Google Chrome-webbrowser (versie 62) vanaf augustus 2017 geleidelijk SSL-certificaten gaat wantrouwen die vóór 1 juni 2016 zijn uitgegeven door Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte of RapidSSL.

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Hoe hadden penetratietests de WannaCry-uitbraak kunnen voorkomen?

Wat is WannaCry ? Zoals u waarschijnlijk wel hebt gehoord, was er onlangs veel te doen over een nieuw ransomwareprogramma, waarvan de schade nog altijd niet te overzien is. Deze gijzelsoftware, WannaCry of WannaCrypt genoemd, probeert de gegevens op uw systemen te versleutelen om vervolgens losgeld te vragen.

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eIDAS regulation - What should you expect ?

The new EU eIDAS regulation that oversees electronic identification and trusted services will be enforced from July 2016.

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The EU's GDPR: What you need to know

Policy makers in Brussels have recognised the 1995 ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) is no longer adequate considering the vast amounts of digital information being used worldwide. Despite having just gotten used to July’s revised ‘ePrivacy Directive’ (The cookie law), organisations or businesses that process data relevant to EU based individuals will soon be required to comply with an updated 1995 GDPR regulation – to be enforced from mid-2018.
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Google's Certificate Transparency Policy set to expand

Certificate Transparency (CT) was a standard introduced in November 2014 by Google.The main objective was to fix different structural flaws in the SSL certificate system which could facilitate a wide range of cyberattacks if left unchecked (e.g. spoofing, Man-In-The-Middle attacks).
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Using Trust To Boost Revenue: A Simple Guide

As mentioned in our 2015 Christmas blog, online consumption and spending have been growing consistently year-on-year. This trend is a massive opportunity for businesses – like yours – to enhance revenue but many continue to underestimate – or entirely overlook – the relationship between trust and revenue, limiting potential gains as a result.
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Watch how PenTesting keeps you ahead of malicious hackers

The video and the slides from our February 25th webinar on Penetration Testing are now available for your viewing pleasure.

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