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A defect has been identified where attempts to run a portlet project on a local WebSphere® Portal 6.1 using the "Run as, Run on server..." option results in the process appearing to complete successfully; however, Rational® Application Developer does not create a page to hold the portlet.


This is caused by defect shipping in Rational Application Developer v7.0.0.7.
The problem has been recorded in APAR PK67621 and is scheduled to ship in the next maintenance release of Rational Application Developer.


The problem can be solved by running the "Deploy portlet..." command:

1. Right-click on the portlet project then select "Deploy Portlet..."

2. Select your local Portal 6.1 server, click Next.

3. On the next page, accept the default settings according as per the screenshot:

4. Click Finish.

5. The procedure will fail with the following message (image below). However, subsequent usage of the "Run as, then Run on server..." functionality will succeed:

Note: Closing Rational Application Developer will revert back to the original behaviour. These steps need to be followed once every time Rational Application Developer is started. 

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